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Para saber mais informações de como obter

os itens, passe o mouse sobre as imagens.

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Npc Jorge: 20 Silver Raid Tokens

Abacus tibia


Key of Numerous Locks tibia

Key of Numerous Locks

Assassin Doll (Replica) tibia

Assassin Doll

Friendship Amulet tibia

Friendship Amulet

Bag of Oriental Spices tibia

Bag of Oriental Spices

Frozen Heart (Replica) tibia

Frozen Heart

Bookworm Doll tibia

Bookworm Doll

Golden Falcon (Replica) tibia

Golden Falcon

Crimson Doll (Replica) tibia

Crimson Doll

Golden Newspaper tibia

Golden Newspaper

Doll of Durin The Almighty tibia

Doll of Durin The Almighty

Goromaphone (Replica) tibia


Dragon Eye tibia

Dragon Eye

Hand Puppets tibia

Hand Puppets

Dragon Goblet (Replica) tibia

Dragon Goblet

Imortus tibia


Draken Doll tibia

Draken Doll

Jade Amulet tibia

Jade Amulet

Little Adventurer Doll (Replica) tibia


Adventurer Doll

Loremaster Doll (Replica) tibia

Loremaster Doll

Lucky Clover Amulet tibia

Lucky Clover Amulet

Orc's Jaw Shredder tibia

Orc's Jaw Shredder

Phoenix Statue tibia

Phoenix Statue

Shield of Endless Search tibia

Shield of Endless Search

Mathmaster Shield tibia

Mathmaster Shield

The Mexcalibur tibia

The Mexcalibur

Medusa Skull tibia

Medusa Skull

Tibiacity Encyclopedia tibia

Tibiacity Encyclopedia

Music Box (Replica) tibia

Music Box (Tibia Space)

TibiaHispano Emblem tibia
Noble Sword (Replica) tibia

Noble Sword

Norseman Doll tibia

Norseman Doll

Pigeon Trophy tibia

TibiaHispano Emblem

Pigeon Trophy

Old Radio (Replica) tibia

Old Radio

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